The Band

Marie Claire Follett

Anni-Frid Lyngstad


Marie-Claire Follett trained at ALRA. Credits include Katerina in the Taming of the Shrew at Earl's Court, lead roles in the films: Wargames and Legionnaires. As well as being signed to East-West Records and session work for Sony and Serious Records, Marie-Claire has just finished touring with the Bard and the Blade and can be seen in the Domain advert, and two pilot episodes of Spearian's Children in February 2002.

Natalie Eaton

Agnetha Faltskog


Natalie is from Poole in Dorset and is one of three sisters. The first 15 years of her life were spent proving to her Mum and Dad that 'she' was the performer in the family (in more ways than one...) and the latter 15 years of her life have been spent performing on all the biggest and best stages around Europe in productions such as Mamma Mia!, Grease and We Will Rock You as well as enjoying the leading lady role on a multitude of Cruise Liners.

Natalie is a talented dancer and choreographer, an excellent mimic and a brilliant singer.

In keeping with the ABBA tradition, she met her (Swedish - yes, really) husband, Jim Bob (Benny) whilst touring Spain and they now have a beautiful half Swedish, half English baby boy called Presley!!!

Andy Marshall

Bjorn Ulvaeus


Andy went to a well know holiday camp when he was four years old. They got him up on stage for a reason he can no longer remember and they stood him next to a guitarist with a Stratocaster Cherry Sunburst. From that day on he knew what he wanted to be. Classically trained, but funky as anything, we are proud to have Andy in our band. Credits include Prince, Michael Jackson, Allan Holdsworth and Mozart (I think he's lying about the last one though!).

Jim Bob McGuinness

Benny Andersson


Jim Bob was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and started to learn to play the guitar and piano from a very young age. Growing up in a Rock 'n' Roll family with a father that released 6 albums in the 70's and 80's (yes, he was in the Swedish charts alongside ABBA themselves!) with Swedish Rock legends Motvind, it was only a matter of time before Jim would become a professional performer himself.

During the years of touring musicals such as Hairpsray, Mamma Mia! and Grease as well as performing on Cruise Liners he met his English (but Swedish looking...) wife Natalie (Agnetha). He now enjoys teaching his 9 month year old son, Presley, how to play the guitar!